About AMNA


The Center for Internship Placement (CIP) is a non-profit educational organization established

to recruit and support underrepresented minority students interested in science, technology,

engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Arkansas Mentoring and Networking Association (AMNA) is a project of CIP. AMNA helps Arkansas

STEM students:

  • Develop valuable academic and professional mentor relationships
  • Learn to network like a pro, meet STEM students and professionals from all over
  • Connect students to paid summer STEM internships


The Arkansas Mentoring and Networking Association, Inc. (AMNA) was founded in 2004 as a

non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting opportunities for historically underrepresented

STEM students in Arkansas. For over a decade, AMNA has been creating STEM opportunities

and networks for Arkansas underrepresented minority (URM) high school, college and graduate

students through mentoring, networking and research opportunities.

AMNA assembles, facilitates, and navigates! By assembling STEM students at lectures and

luncheons held on university campuses, AMNA facilitates exceptional mentoring and

networking opportunities. These opportunities prepare students for extraordinary STEM


Board of Directors